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7 Smart Tips To Increase Web Traffic

Knowing how to increase web traffic is very essential in running a website. The number of visitors on your website can spell the difference between your site’s success and failure. Because the more hits your site receives, the more traffic it generates, and the more traffic it gets, the more opportunities for revenue either on sales or from advertisers. So, investing on methods that can increase web traffic can translate to profits in the long run.

You need to be more creative and dynamic in promoting and spreading the word about your site to increase web traffic. Your website needs to be visible and rank high on search engines like Google. Because when people are searching for something, they will only click the top most results. So if yours is at the bottom, it will be ignored. Your site’s survival depends on the amount of web traffic it generates. So it needs more clicks and hits to stay afloat in cyber space.

1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization
SEO is one of the most effective ways on how to increase web traffic. It is the most important way of optimizing your website to rank high on search engines. Google uses an algorithm that rank pages using a technique called Page Rank. By looking at the structures of the links of every web page, this query technique can determine the importance and viability of a website.

2. Traffic exchanges
One free way to increase web traffic is through a traffic exchange. This concept is very simple: you view other people’s websites and in return, they will view yours. Just sign up for free on any traffic exchange site and you’ll have a great opportunity to promote your website and market your products or services.

3. Free ad posting
Here’s another free way to increase web traffic. Free ad posting sites will give you the opportunity to have a wide range of people clicking your links, reading your offers and buying your products or services.

4. Embed your links and URL
If you have an existing mailing list or e-newsletter, you can embed your URL or links to your site on the e-mails or newsletters you send.

5. Article marketing
Another effective and trusted way on how to increase web traffic is article marketing. This strategy works by paying freelance writers or bloggers to write about your website or review your products or services. The articles will appear on popular blogs, blog networks or article directories. Other sites and blogs are free to copy and post them, and this will generate leads back to your site. And when readers liked the content, they can choose to follow the link, and they can become potential buyers or loyal subscribers.

6. PPC (Pay Per Click)
This may sound devious but some website owners are willing to pay for this kind of service. If you are really desperate to generate leads and increase web traffic, you can try this. It works by bidding on a keyword or keyword phrases that people might type or search. If you win the bid, your website will rank high on the result page of most search engines.

7. Tweet and share your links
One way of using Twitter and Facebook to promote and market your company is by embedding your links in your tweets and status updates. You can even go further by asking your followers to click the link, so they join a contest that you specifically created. And in return, they will have a chance to win prizes. Knowing how to utilize the power of social media will surely increase web traffic to your site.

5 Ways To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

5 Ways To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

By Mike Allen

Hi, Mike Allen here you may know me from my Traffic-Tutor. Here are 5 tips I use to get free traffic:


When you have someone at your site make sure you get the contact info. This book is proof that it works. Many people only received this book as a gift for signing up for my newsletter. You can have a list capture and some use an exit popup. The best way to have a group to market to is to capture their email on their visit. Offering a free report or other valuable info may entice them to part with their email address.Make sure that you give them valuable information or whatever you promised because credibility is important. Also if you run a list or newsletter, make sure there is plenty of news and information. People will opt out quick if you try to sell them all the time. Also it is a good idea to give them a gift that allows them to stay in contact with you. You may have noticed my info was on this report. If you need me you know where to find me. Even if you opt out of the newsletter you can still find me with this report that links to me. It’s a great way to get free traffic.

Brand everything. Do you send emails? I’m guessing you do. Some may be to friends or co workers. Make sure you put a small link in your signature file that tells them about your opportunity and your site. Subtlety is a key here. People want to be coaxed not prodded. As these links get around you may find that you gain business. People who trust you are likely to check out what you are doing.

Mike Allen
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Traffic Exchanges can provide a way to get free traffic. There are many good ones out there such as Tezak Traffic Power or Traffic Taxis. Ideally if you are promoting something that can make the journey simpler for them then you can get them to visit. They are clicking like mad just like you, but if you are selling a book or report that can make those clicks count then you have your sale.

Write something. You can post articles at or, and as long as long as they are informative they can link back to your main page of your own website. These can help you get free traffic and bring targeted traffic on a particular topic right to your door. This person is already interested and is more likely to buy your related product. This strategy is an oldie but a goodie.It lends you credibility and increases your cashflow. It’s like writing your own paycheck.

Be viral. Whatever you do don’t do it unless you do it big. Sell something you write, and have links back to yourself. Hand it out or sell it and give away the resell rights. As people are giving away your work they will be sending leads to you, and maybe making a profit for themselves. This is a valuable way to multiply your efforts and get free traffic.


These have been some quick tips to increase short range hits. Some may have long lasting effects. What I really suggest to anyone is to get a mentor. My mentor is Ewen Chia, a marketer since 1997. He’s highly successful and making me so too. What you need is simple step by step information that anyone can follow. He’s a great teacher when it comes to that. I highly suggest that you look at his Autopilot Profits program. It will help you succeed online right away if you put in the focused effort.


Best of luck to you
Mike Allen



Does Internet Marketing Work?

Does internet marketing work?

It seems that no matter which way one turns, we are always being reminded of the saying that internet marketing does work but “the money is in the list”. I know how hard it is to get a solid grasp on that concept. I had so many unanswered questions myself. I searched high and low. I googled every single keyword I could think of to help find the answers.

Throughout my search, and believe me it was a long one… I bought my fair share of the “Make Millions” ebooks. I tried everything. It’s a common misconception by some that you can make a million dollars overnight. There is no such thing as a “just set it and forget it” system.

So does internet marketing work? Yes, of course but is an extremely demanding job. It requires a lot of patience and A LOT of work. Yes I said it, work! But, with the proper discipline and technique, making a comfortable living online, is very achievable.

I’m sure that what I just mentioned above will shy some people away. Like I said before – internet marketing works if you work it.

Are you tracking your ad?

Have you ever asked yourself the question?  Where do all the successful people on the internet get their information?

If you have, then good on you? If you haven’t, then you’d better start.  People who have any sign of success are the people that use the resources that are available to them.

There are so many of them out there and over the next several weeks I’m going to be saying it over and over again.  Get yourself out there!  Use these tools.

Do you track your ads?  I sure hope so.  How do you know where your results or sign ups are coming from?   Sure you may be able to guess slightly, if you only advertise is one place and one place only.

Let’s say for example you advertise at 3 different TE’s.  Your getting a few sign ups and your happy about it.  Which one of those TE’s is actually getting you those sign ups?  It’s not much of a mystery to know that different TE’s will get better results than others depending on the TE and depending on the product or program your pushing.

That’s why we use more than one and that’s why we use certain ones depending on the products we are selling.  What sells at one TE may not sell at another.  You get the idea though.  Track your ads.  We say it over and over because it is so critical.  Playing a guessing game will not make you money.  It will cost you money and could very easily cost you your success.

I am in the process of writing a short ebook on the steps I took and the places I went to obtain the information that I needed to build my business. But let me share with you a few links that will certainly help guide you to success.

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Importance of a Website Splash Page

I want to really start to focus on expressing the importance of a website splash page. We all know that we need to do it. Take a good look around and you will see that the people that are successful are the one’s practicing the art of custom ads and branding.

Let’s put into perspective. You see someone promoting a common affiliate page. It’s the same one you see time and time again. You see it so much that you don’t even give it a chance. You just wait for the green light and then’s gone. That’s why making a unique website splash page is so important. Otherwise, how are you suppose to stick out from the crowd? Ask yourself that question and really give yourself an honest answer.

Now think about the kind of pages that grab your attention. Think about the programs you sign up for.

Did that page grab your attention because it was different? You need to start asking yourself these questions. All you are doing when you promote the “common” affiliate page is helping out someone else. You are wasting your efforts to brand someone else. Promote yourself FIRST!