7 Smart Tips To Increase Web Traffic

Knowing how to increase web traffic is very essential in running a website. The number of visitors on your website can spell the difference between your site’s success and failure. Because the more hits your site receives, the more traffic it generates, and the more traffic it gets, the more opportunities for revenue either on sales or from advertisers. So, investing on methods that can increase web traffic can translate to profits in the long run.

You need to be more creative and dynamic in promoting and spreading the word about your site to increase web traffic. Your website needs to be visible and rank high on search engines like Google. Because when people are searching for something, they will only click the top most results. So if yours is at the bottom, it will be ignored. Your site’s survival depends on the amount of web traffic it generates. So it needs more clicks and hits to stay afloat in cyber space.

1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization
SEO is one of the most effective ways on how to increase web traffic. It is the most important way of optimizing your website to rank high on search engines. Google uses an algorithm that rank pages using a technique called Page Rank. By looking at the structures of the links of every web page, this query technique can determine the importance and viability of a website.

2. Traffic exchanges
One free way to increase web traffic is through a traffic exchange. This concept is very simple: you view other people’s websites and in return, they will view yours. Just sign up for free on any traffic exchange site and you’ll have a great opportunity to promote your website and market your products or services.

3. Free ad posting
Here’s another free way to increase web traffic. Free ad posting sites will give you the opportunity to have a wide range of people clicking your links, reading your offers and buying your products or services.

4. Embed your links and URL
If you have an existing mailing list or e-newsletter, you can embed your URL or links to your site on the e-mails or newsletters you send.

5. Article marketing
Another effective and trusted way on how to increase web traffic is article marketing. This strategy works by paying freelance writers or bloggers to write about your website or review your products or services. The articles will appear on popular blogs, blog networks or article directories. Other sites and blogs are free to copy and post them, and this will generate leads back to your site. And when readers liked the content, they can choose to follow the link, and they can become potential buyers or loyal subscribers.

6. PPC (Pay Per Click)
This may sound devious but some website owners are willing to pay for this kind of service. If you are really desperate to generate leads and increase web traffic, you can try this. It works by bidding on a keyword or keyword phrases that people might type or search. If you win the bid, your website will rank high on the result page of most search engines.

7. Tweet and share your links
One way of using Twitter and Facebook to promote and market your company is by embedding your links in your tweets and status updates. You can even go further by asking your followers to click the link, so they join a contest that you specifically created. And in return, they will have a chance to win prizes. Knowing how to utilize the power of social media will surely increase web traffic to your site.

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