Tools for Savvy Marketers: Free Internet Advertising

If you have a something to sell, using internet marketing must be a critical part of your marketing campaign. Or else, your website will fall by the wayside and will be lost in cyber space. And what could be better than free internet advertising?

The goal of internet marketing is to optimize your website to receive massive amounts of visitors. And this traffic can be translated into profits when those visitors buy from you, or other websites or companies bank on your website’s popularity and advertise on it.

One way to get massive web traffic is by posting online ads on websites that offer free internet advertising.

Examples of free internet advertising

1. Traffic exchanges

One example of a site that offers free internet advertising is a traffic exchanges, like Traffic Taxis. Here, you can post your ads for free and receive daily unique visitors on your site through their system.

2. Free ad posting sites

These are like online yellow pages. Here, you can post literally anything. There’s no limit on how many you can post. You can even add pictures or videos to make your posts more attractive.

3. Article directories

You can write articles that contain keywords related to your product and submit them to the many article directories on the web. Some of these directories will allow you to embed your URL or other links.

The top article directories get millions of visitors each day, so it’s likely that someone searching for your keywords will read your articles.  And if he liked it, he’ll click-thru to your website.

 4. E-mail advertising

Email marketing is another form of free internet advertising. It’s a fantastic way to send updates and news about special offers and discounts to your customers.

I’ve only listed a few here, but there are many, many methods of free internet advertising that will boost your marketing campaign.

Benefits of free internet advertising:

1.  Spread brand awareness.

2. Develop your business reputation and credibility.

3. Improve online visibility.

4. Generate massive web traffic.

5. Improve your search engines rankings.

6. Get more leads

7. Increase your sales and profits.

The most alluring benefit of free internet is your return – it’s highly possible to spend $0 on advertising and make 100% profit!

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