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How to get people to opt in!

Well in addition to the post about splash pages. You will find that building an opt in/squeeze page can be highly effective when you are using custom graphics. Combine that with good ad copy and you will quickly start to see an increase in sign ups and sales.

Make sure that you are using an auto-responder such as Aweber. It’s powerful functions allow for you to get the most out of your campaigns. Promote your opt in page/squeeze page in places where you can get lots of veiwers. Remember, someone needs to see your ad as many times as possible. It’s proven that it take the average viewer to see your ad almost 7 times before they will even think about clicking on it. So utilize large member exchanges and very active traffic exchanges like Traffic Taxis, for maximum results!

Does Internet Marketing Work?

Does internet marketing work?

It seems that no matter which way one turns, we are always being reminded of the saying that internet marketing does work but “the money is in the list”. I know how hard it is to get a solid grasp on that concept. I had so many unanswered questions myself. I searched high and low. I googled every single keyword I could think of to help find the answers.

Throughout my search, and believe me it was a long one… I bought my fair share of the “Make Millions” ebooks. I tried everything. It’s a common misconception by some that you can make a million dollars overnight. There is no such thing as a “just set it and forget it” system.

So does internet marketing work? Yes, of course but is an extremely demanding job. It requires a lot of patience and A LOT of work. Yes I said it, work! But, with the proper discipline and technique, making a comfortable living online, is very achievable.

I’m sure that what I just mentioned above will shy some people away. Like I said before – internet marketing works if you work it.