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7 Secrets of Successful Traffic Exchange Marketers

There are so many ways to make the most out of your TE (traffic Exchange time. No doubt you are a member of several good ones like Traffic Taxis. You may be members of 20 or more and possibly spreading yourself quite thin. There are several secrets to making the most of your surfing time.

    Some great hints: you want to find the best ones and surf enough to be seen 24-7 on those exchanges. There are many great ones out there. You should look for one where you can be seen by the most people and get the best response. You don’t want to use the same old pages that everyone is using either. Find  a unique approach and it will get attention.

You can find all these secrets and more (7 Secrets) by downloading a free book. They won’t ask for your info, just download it at

Use the tips in there to build you traffic Taxis downline and create the traffic you need to succeed.

Mike Allen

Why networking is so great!

Are you using your time wisely? Are you getting to know the people you work next to?
Whether your just a surfer or just using the TE industry to buy credits. One thing is king. NETWORK.
Take the time to send your downline an email. Take a minute to introduce yourself to your favorite TE owner. Building these relationships is a very important task if you want to newtork. I try to put myself in positions with all different types of people. Mainly because I enjoy getting to meet new people, but I also love to network and build relationships. I owe a lot of my success to my ability to get myself out in front of people and put myself into positions to where I can get the advice I need. It has greatly helped me and it can absolutely do the same for you.
So next time someone takes a moment to stop and say hi or sends you some credits for signing up underneath them, send a reply back… never know who is on the other end and what they may be able to do to help you succeed.

David Foley

Why Use a Custom Splash Page?

“Why would I pay to have a unique custom designed splash page created when most websites provide free splash pages for promotion?”

I hear this question frequently, and it is a great question! I love this question because it gives me the opportunity to open someone’s eyes to the HUGE potential and necessity of custom splash pages.

Ask yourself:

  • How many times have you seen the same old standard splash pages while surfing?
  • Do these pages grab your attention, or do you even notice them at all?
  • When you see the same page for the 200th time that day, does it really inspire you to join that site or inquire about that product/service?
  • Do you know who is promoting that splash page and if their opinion is valuable?

My personal answers to the above questions are no, no, no, and NO!

We all know as surfers (myself included) it is very hard to grab our attention! We surf for maybe hours daily, and we see the same splash pages over and over and over and… well you get the idea. :) Many people don’t even see your standard splash page because they surf a few traffic exchanges at a time and are concentrating on matching correct surf images or hovering to get to the next site!

Consider the following:

  • If you use the splash pages provided by any given site, you are NOT promoting what you love best about that program! You are promoting what the owner of that website views as the best features/benefits. YOU use the program. YOU know firsthand what is great about it!
  • By not using a custom designed splash page for promotions, you are letting someone else decide how to market your campaign! You are leaving the success and or failure of your campaign in the hands of someone else.
  • If you aren’t inspired by the same old splash page you’ve seen 100 times over, most likely, other people are not going to be any more excited than you are to see it. :) A custom designed splash page is much more likely to give that “Oh wow, what is that? I need to check it out now!” response that you are seeking.

Sure, you pay $20-30 for a unique custom designed splash page. But the value of branding yourself, having a splash page in your arsenal that NO ONE else will EVER have, being able to specifically tailor how you market your website, product, and/or service to others, and having full control of your of your own marketing potential is absolutely priceless!

Do You Twitter?

Well I just wanted to run a test here and try out this new plugin. If you are not familiar with it.
Now is the time to check it out. It’s basically a plugin that sends a “tweet” to your friends at Twitter everytime you post at your blog. It has huge potential to drive lots of traffic. Check it out now.
Let me throw up my link..Tweet Your Blog!

Ray Casey (firerider)

Hats off to Ray Casey!! Not only has he taken the necessary steps to “brand” himself, but he also succeeded in recognizing the importance of using custom splash pages. This man’s approach is a perfect example of what needs to be done. I cannot stress it enough….Brand Yourself!

Coffee Shop Millionaire