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Write Clever Subject Lines

Over the last few months I have come to see the ups and downs of activity here at Traffic Taxis. It has been a certain conclusion that activity is relevant to how much advertising I’m doing.  What may work for some may not work for others, but in my case if I’m not advertising, I’m not staying on your mind. If I’m not writing creatively, I see the effects.

I think that people should really start to see that if your gonna take your marketing seriously and want to make forward progress, you have got to keep yourself out there.   If you have a mailing list, keep yourself in front of them.  If you provide valuable information or a great service, people will be more likely to open up your email instead of the next one in line.  Want a hint?  Use clever subject lines. I make it my goal to never ever repeat my subject line.

A subject line should just be enough to trigger curiousity and make that person feel compelled to open that email.  You will find almost all too often that people give away all their eggs in the subject line.  If you tell me exactly what it is that is in the email in the subject line. I click delete. No point in reading  your email. I already know what’s in it.  You just told me!  Think about that next time you see a Taxis email.

So make sure you keep your ads always rotating. You have gotta stay constant, and utilize your resources to stay out in front of people.  Be creative, be yourself and stay out there.

How to get people to opt in!

Well in addition to the post about splash pages. You will find that building an opt in/squeeze page can be highly effective when you are using custom graphics. Combine that with good ad copy and you will quickly start to see an increase in sign ups and sales.

Make sure that you are using an auto-responder such as Aweber. It’s powerful functions allow for you to get the most out of your campaigns. Promote your opt in page/squeeze page in places where you can get lots of veiwers. Remember, someone needs to see your ad as many times as possible. It’s proven that it take the average viewer to see your ad almost 7 times before they will even think about clicking on it. So utilize large member exchanges and very active traffic exchanges like Traffic Taxis, for maximum results!

How to give your small biz a BIG competitive edge

I’ve been studying some of the most successful huge companies for a while now and I’ve picked up a few hot strategies that will propel you into the fast-lane of wealth.


Give your small biz a BIG brand

Your brand isn’t the header image on your website or your logo. Here are the top 3 mistakes small business make in their ads:

List of bullet-point features: YAWN! How many times have you rushed to buy something after reading a list of bullet points??

Price-only focus: If you can’t even get someone’s interested in what you have to say, who cares if you have a low price?

No core message: I’m sure you have dozens of reasons why you’re better than the next guy, but you must focus only ONE feature to make yourself memorable.

The key to looking like a big business create a tagline by answering this question: How do you want your customers to feel about you? The perfect example is Motel 6′s tagline “We’ll leave the light on.” Doesn’t that remind you of mom leaving the light on for you when you were a kid? Ingenious, right?


Give your small biz a BIG company feel

Even if you’re just a one man show, you can give yourself the look and feel of a professional team by creating several, different email addresses. Examples: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Cool, huh?


Okay – I hope this has been helpful to you. Thank you for letting TrafficTaxis be a part of your business toolbox.

Do Text Links Really Work?

If you think text links are a waste of time…think again.  How many times have you clicked on a text link?  Being a TE owner,  I get to see what people use for text links and I also get to see how many clicks they get.  Believe me, if you think for a second that people don’t click them…you’re dead wrong.

Do yourself a favor and take advantage of the exposure. Those of you that use them will be increasing your advertising immensely!   Be creative. Try different things.  Why not brand yourself with them?  You will soon learn to really appreciate the effectiveness of these sometimes overlooked advertising tools.