Are you tracking your ad?

Have you ever asked yourself the question?  Where do all the successful people on the internet get their information?

If you have, then good on you? If you haven’t, then you’d better start.  People who have any sign of success are the people that use the resources that are available to them.

There are so many of them out there and over the next several weeks I’m going to be saying it over and over again.  Get yourself out there!  Use these tools.

Do you track your ads?  I sure hope so.  How do you know where your results or sign ups are coming from?   Sure you may be able to guess slightly, if you only advertise is one place and one place only.

Let’s say for example you advertise at 3 different TE’s.  Your getting a few sign ups and your happy about it.  Which one of those TE’s is actually getting you those sign ups?  It’s not much of a mystery to know that different TE’s will get better results than others depending on the TE and depending on the product or program your pushing.

That’s why we use more than one and that’s why we use certain ones depending on the products we are selling.  What sells at one TE may not sell at another.  You get the idea though.  Track your ads.  We say it over and over because it is so critical.  Playing a guessing game will not make you money.  It will cost you money and could very easily cost you your success.

I am in the process of writing a short ebook on the steps I took and the places I went to obtain the information that I needed to build my business. But let me share with you a few links that will certainly help guide you to success.

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I use HitsConnect to track all my advertising.  You can even track
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  1. Andrew Levin says:

    Like Taymist said, the problem with tracking is that people just don’t do it!
    You see, they have no surfing plan or strategy and they keep surfing and keep making the same mistakes rather then go out there, read some books, read recommendations and most importantly, take action.

    There’s a great service As a Free member You’re allowed to track 5 sites, which is awesome for beginners.

    I would also like to point out that You should always split test, add some new element to your site or change a text, send some decent amount of hits, 8000 for example, and test out which is pulling more. Splitesting is really profitable and educational. Who knows, maybe You hit on a secret that no one else knows about :)

    Andrew Levin

  2. profits4you says:

    Great article about tracking your ads.Over the last several months I’ve doing that a lot more -for one thing because I know some people hate ad trackers…(hehe!Too bad!),for another thing it not only enables you to see how many hits/clicks your ad is getting,but which subject,or autoresponder list is getting the most response!

    I use TrafficWave’s Adtracker to track all my ads and

    Free Trial -Double Your Online Sales:

    Learn To Build A List In 10 Easy Steps:


    Richard Bligdon

  3. bwayneb says:

    I run into a lot of people who are using free trackers that only track hits and “think” they are tracking their ads. Though this might be fine for email advertising, it does nothing for surfing. You KNOW you are going to get hits if you are surfing, the question is…How many opt-ins are you getting from each exchange?
    Recently I was looking at two co-ops I belonged to. Over a 30 day period one had given me over 12,000 hits, the other had given me 2,600. Should I keep one or both or would my advertising dollars be better spent elsewhere? The 12,000 hits resulted in zero opt-ins, the 2,600 hits resulted in 33 opt-ins. If you are using TrafficExchanges and not tracking your hits/opt-in ratio you are not tracking.

    SIDENOTE: The last couple of weeks, the TrafficExchange that has given me the highest hits/opt-in ratio………..TRAFFICTAXIS!

    Bruce W Barnes

  4. alanpowell1 says:

    I find that tracking is very useful when deciding where to allocate time and resources.

    The best way I have found is when the affiliate program I am advertising the product or the referral for has an “in-house” method. For instance, my favorite program ( allows you to create an unlimited number of tracks which you can add to any of your links banners, or white pages.

    They also track referring urls, so this is an added bonus!

    So, when a new customer or affiliate signs up, I know where my efforts are paying off best!

  5. Southernpal says:

    Thank you for the 200 credits. this is a cool blog. I will have to visit often!

  6. moneycomestoday says:

    Most people won’t track their ads. Many reasons but the main one is it’s too much work! Yea I know, with all the free tools out there you’d think everyone would be tracking where their ad dollars are going. The same reason why people join every new program put out there and never get anything done. Anyway, yes to tracking the ads, and it is a pain and it is work….But the alternative can be hazardous to your wallet!

  7. Taymist says:

    That was a very timely reminder!! Ad tracking is something that I’ve been incredibly lazy about so far, mainly because several of the tools I use have automatic tracking and it’s led me to slip up on the others.

    Look forward to the eBook David and thanks for all the helpful advice.


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