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Write Clever Subject Lines

Over the last few months I have come to see the ups and downs of activity here at Traffic Taxis. It has been a certain conclusion that activity is relevant to how much advertising I’m doing.  What may work for some may not work for others, but in my case if I’m not advertising, I’m not staying on your mind. If I’m not writing creatively, I see the effects.

I think that people should really start to see that if your gonna take your marketing seriously and want to make forward progress, you have got to keep yourself out there.   If you have a mailing list, keep yourself in front of them.  If you provide valuable information or a great service, people will be more likely to open up your email instead of the next one in line.  Want a hint?  Use clever subject lines. I make it my goal to never ever repeat my subject line.

A subject line should just be enough to trigger curiousity and make that person feel compelled to open that email.  You will find almost all too often that people give away all their eggs in the subject line.  If you tell me exactly what it is that is in the email in the subject line. I click delete. No point in reading  your email. I already know what’s in it.  You just told me!  Think about that next time you see a Taxis email.

So make sure you keep your ads always rotating. You have gotta stay constant, and utilize your resources to stay out in front of people.  Be creative, be yourself and stay out there.

Does Internet Marketing Work?

Does internet marketing work?

It seems that no matter which way one turns, we are always being reminded of the saying that internet marketing does work but “the money is in the list”. I know how hard it is to get a solid grasp on that concept. I had so many unanswered questions myself. I searched high and low. I googled every single keyword I could think of to help find the answers.

Throughout my search, and believe me it was a long one… I bought my fair share of the “Make Millions” ebooks. I tried everything. It’s a common misconception by some that you can make a million dollars overnight. There is no such thing as a “just set it and forget it” system.

So does internet marketing work? Yes, of course but is an extremely demanding job. It requires a lot of patience and A LOT of work. Yes I said it, work! But, with the proper discipline and technique, making a comfortable living online, is very achievable.

I’m sure that what I just mentioned above will shy some people away. Like I said before – internet marketing works if you work it.

Branding Whats So Difficult?

Day after day while surfing the exchanges, I’m always amazed and sigh with disbelief.  I wonder, what is it going to take, when will people learn?

Over the 12 months of my working on the Internet I have seen some huge changes and very few  moving with those changes. I have read countless articles, have posted articles everywhere on the values and importance of branding yourself. It is now, more than ever, vital for your growth in Internet Marketing, to brand yourself first.

Branding yourself helps others get to know you and realize what a great person you are. It helps others to see you are here to assist them, not rip them off. It also shows you are some one who knows what they are doing and if you don’t know something you are prepared to do the research to find out.

My Problem Is

Now here’s my dilemma, branding yourself has been shouted everywhere and possibly even from the roof tops….. and yet what do I see…… I see loads and loads of advertising posted by who Knows,,,,I see the odd branded page well no there are several out there but not too many by comparison to the number of marketers, out in Internet Land.

However, most of the people that that use branding pages use the ones provided by the company they are promoting..

How does that make you different, you are just showing your name recommending that company. That is not making you unique, which in my opinion, what branding is all about. Branding is about making a statement. What sort of statement are you making when you use the same branding page as 50 others. To me it says my name is,,,,,,,,,RAY,,,,,,,,,, and I am the same as 50 other people trying to flog this off to you.
No! A real branding page is unique because you are unique, a real branding page makes a statement about you, Yes! I am…….RAY…….. and I am going places.

So for some fun, if I was to ask you, what you would have on you branding page or how would you set you own page up. How are you different…

Would you leave a response for me…. Because at the moment I am very discouraged with what I am seeing in the way of advertising and feel that some how things need to be revolutionized. That is a major change in our thinking is needed but also a follow up with action.

So lets see some action leave me a response tell me what would you do and how would you have your personal branding page put together.
At least we have started something, we have started thinking on the right track.

Branding yourself will bring big results and hopefully some will move from the thinking to taking action. Yes Branding yourself is a winner.