Do Text Links Really Work?

If you think text links are a waste of time…think again.  How many times have you clicked on a text link?  Being a TE owner,  I get to see what people use for text links and I also get to see how many clicks they get.  Believe me, if you think for a second that people don’t click them…you’re dead wrong.

Do yourself a favor and take advantage of the exposure. Those of you that use them will be increasing your advertising immensely!   Be creative. Try different things.  Why not brand yourself with them?  You will soon learn to really appreciate the effectiveness of these sometimes overlooked advertising tools.



  1. So what’s a “surf bar?”

  2. oldschooltraffic says:

    Yes you are right text links or text ads are a great advertising tool. I feel even banner ads can be helpful if used right and not over used by too many people.

  3. Ah Yes! Text Links are often not given the respect they are deserved! Just a few short words at the top or bottom of a site one clicks on to visit another particular site.
    I have to surf to get advertising credits to advertise free but I do not have to click on text ads. There in lies the power.
    The power of the text ad is …Anyone clicking on that little piece of text does so out of interest or curiosity not becayse they have to.
    If the offer is just as powerful as your text
    BANG you have a sale or referral.
    The problem is not the text ad it is the advertisers inability to come up with a few words strong enough to catch someones attention.
    I have seen things like “This Is Good” (makes you shudder) or “Earn $3000 A Month” I mean what catches your attention in that??? Every offer says something like that. Whats needed is.. I will give away here one of my strategies that works. At the moment I am earning money with something where I do not want to waste time trying to work with some one who won’t answer Emails or do nothing. I have a Few Text Ads that say that….”No Time Wasters” “Not For The Lazy” “Workers Not Wasters”
    I had 1000 impressions each on those ads Received 27
    clicks and 3 sign ups. Believe me or not I know they work. If your wondering what I’m doing to make this money then those Links just worked on you.

  4. Hey Mike
    We are a group of Internet Marketers we make our income online selling or promoting Products and money making Programs. A Surf Bar or Traffic Exchange is a place where a group of advertisers come together to advertise their business or products.

    Surfing is the name we use. We check out what each other is advertising all over the world. We earn credits for looking at those ads,then use those credits to advertise ourselves.

    Text ads which I discussed just before I saw your reply is above.

    Click the link below to see an example of a splash page. Then click on the Join Now button shown in that ad and you will see the sign up page for Traffic Taxis. I am not asking you to join all I am doing is trying to satisfy your curiousity.
    Click on this link below…..

    Hope this helps

  5. Andrew says:

    Well Mike the “surfbar” is where a surfer spends most of their time. It is the page in which peoples ads appear for a set amount of time and a set amount of credit is given for each view. Basically I view your website in exchange for you to view mine. The sites are loaded into a script and therefore rotated in the “surfbar”.

  6. donvar says:

    Text messages have been around since the earliest cave man used them by writing on the wall. The caveman wasn’t the inventor of the internet (I believe Al Gore claimed he did)so he used walls for his text message for others as they passed. His messages were for current readers, as well as future generations, to read as they passed his way. Now did the text message really work since it was small next to the splash drawings only those following the message can say for sure. Cavemen tracked the success of the message by asking how the next person arrived at the chosen place. Did the person follow the splash drawing, text message, or both. Yes it is true many were in a hurry as they pass the message because they were in search of the next splash wall picture or other text messages. However some wanted to know more so they stopped to read the message. Some messages told of great eating places just over the next hill, while others said go to the next message for more details. Many followed the directions the message offered and were rewarded with great gifts. Now the cost for text messages was included in the price of cave wall (FREE) which gave everyone an opportunity to post their message for future readers to see. Fast forward to today’s cave writing we have the internet(Thanks AL) which allows us to send our messages to millions with the click of a mouse. There is a saying in the ad business the more times your message is read or heard the more business it will bring. So using text messages is another excellent FREE resource provide in the Traffic Taxis back office, so each member should use them. Remember it is so simple even cavemen used them.
    Don Vardaman

  7. What exactly do you mean by “text links?”

  8. Andrew says:

    Great question Mike. Are you familiar with the Traffic Exchange community? A text link is basically a text ad that is displayed in the surf bar. It is powerful because its availabilty is wide open and they are very effective when the copy is good. If your not familiar with Traffic Exchanges then I invite you to come check mine out. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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