Importance of a Website Splash Page

I want to really start to focus on expressing the importance of a website splash page. We all know that we need to do it. Take a good look around and you will see that the people that are successful are the one’s practicing the art of custom ads and branding.

Let’s put into perspective. You see someone promoting a common affiliate page. It’s the same one you see time and time again. You see it so much that you don’t even give it a chance. You just wait for the green light and then’s gone. That’s why making a unique website splash page is so important. Otherwise, how are you suppose to stick out from the crowd? Ask yourself that question and really give yourself an honest answer.

Now think about the kind of pages that grab your attention. Think about the programs you sign up for.

Did that page grab your attention because it was different? You need to start asking yourself these questions. All you are doing when you promote the “common” affiliate page is helping out someone else. You are wasting your efforts to brand someone else. Promote yourself FIRST!


  1. Hey David
    David thank you does not seem enough for what has been accomplished for me.
    I want to add my 120% support your post.

    Following our discussion, shortly after I joined Traffic Taxis, I went ahead and ordered my customised Splash Page from Traffic Dispatch.
    I can confidently say that has been a huge success in Branding me. Since that time till now and I think it’s been less than a month. I have been invited to be involve in a number of major projects and JV with some big names on the net something which has never happened before the Splash Page. Some may believe it a co-incidence but I do not as several major marketers have remarked on how great My Splash Page looked. Of course I tell them it was you guys who built it for me.
    It’s amazed me as all I was hoping for was to be branded as a major recruiter for Traffic Taxis, now it appears I have been Branded for a lot more than that.
    Thanks David I would not be where I am if it wasn’t for your method of convincing me to invest in myself use Traffic Dispatch and have my own personally branded Splash Page.
    This has worked so well I feel this is the best place to do this. I wish to confirm my order for a second Splash Page and as the first Splash worked so well I will be looking for additional ones in the future.
    Are you guys able to put together a Killer capture page for me?

    David in my eyes you and your team are legends
    Ray Casey (firerider)

  2. Andrew says:

    WOW Ray. Those are some very encouraging words. You know I would do anything to help you or any of my members out. Thank you so much for your support and your post!

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