Write Clever Subject Lines

Over the last few months I have come to see the ups and downs of activity here at Traffic Taxis. It has been a certain conclusion that activity is relevant to how much advertising I’m doing.  What may work for some may not work for others, but in my case if I’m not advertising, I’m not staying on your mind. If I’m not writing creatively, I see the effects.

I think that people should really start to see that if your gonna take your marketing seriously and want to make forward progress, you have got to keep yourself out there.   If you have a mailing list, keep yourself in front of them.  If you provide valuable information or a great service, people will be more likely to open up your email instead of the next one in line.  Want a hint?  Use clever subject lines. I make it my goal to never ever repeat my subject line.

A subject line should just be enough to trigger curiousity and make that person feel compelled to open that email.  You will find almost all too often that people give away all their eggs in the subject line.  If you tell me exactly what it is that is in the email in the subject line. I click delete. No point in reading  your email. I already know what’s in it.  You just told me!  Think about that next time you see a Taxis email.

So make sure you keep your ads always rotating. You have gotta stay constant, and utilize your resources to stay out in front of people.  Be creative, be yourself and stay out there.

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