Power Marketing Tools: Free Ad Posting Sites

Why pay, if you can post ads for free? The internet is great because it takes things you used to pay for and makes it free. It neutralizes the playing field for everybody. So, if you own a website where you market and sell your products or services, there is a free and powerful way of promoting your website.

Instead of posting your ads on paid classified ads section in a newspaper, why not go to free ad posting sites to post your ads for free? These free ad posting sites are advertising systems that rely on getting website traffic from people, like you, who post ads and there is no limit in the number of ads you can post.

But it doesn’t end there. Many free ad posting sites can drive traffic to your website too. One example of this is a traffic exchange, like Traffic Taxis. You can join for free, and aside from posting free ads, you can also get unique visitors to your website everyday.

Uses and Benefits of Free Ad Posting Sites

1. 100% free advertising

As they say: The best things in life are free. With this free tool, you can easily promote and market your products or services.

 2. Linkwheel builder

You can make an effective linkwheel on these free ad posting sites by frequently posting your ads and offers that contain your URL keywords. This will generate backlinks and drive massive traffic to your website, which will translate to higher rankings on many search engines.

3. Affiliate friendly

If you are an affiliate marketer, you can also use the power of free ad posting sites to promote your affiliate pages to earn more revenue and commission.

4. Reach a wide range of people

Since most of the free ad posting sites are already ranking high on many search engines, this opportunity will give you greater visibility. Because of the number of people checking and visiting these sites, you can effortlessly send announcements about special offers or discounts on your products or services.

5. Convert the website hits into revenue

People who like your offers on the free ad posting sites are likely to click your links and follow your website. And once they are on your website, it’s up to your sales page to convince them to stick around and buy your stuff.

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