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Branding Whats So Difficult?

Day after day while surfing the exchanges, I’m always amazed and sigh with disbelief.  I wonder, what is it going to take, when will people learn?

Over the 12 months of my working on the Internet I have seen some huge changes and very few  moving with those changes. I have read countless articles, have posted articles everywhere on the values and importance of branding yourself. It is now, more than ever, vital for your growth in Internet Marketing, to brand yourself first.

Branding yourself helps others get to know you and realize what a great person you are. It helps others to see you are here to assist them, not rip them off. It also shows you are some one who knows what they are doing and if you don’t know something you are prepared to do the research to find out.

My Problem Is

Now here’s my dilemma, branding yourself has been shouted everywhere and possibly even from the roof tops….. and yet what do I see…… I see loads and loads of advertising posted by who Knows,,,,I see the odd branded page well no there are several out there but not too many by comparison to the number of marketers, out in Internet Land.

However, most of the people that that use branding pages use the ones provided by the company they are promoting..

How does that make you different, you are just showing your name recommending that company. That is not making you unique, which in my opinion, what branding is all about. Branding is about making a statement. What sort of statement are you making when you use the same branding page as 50 others. To me it says my name is,,,,,,,,,RAY,,,,,,,,,, and I am the same as 50 other people trying to flog this off to you.
No! A real branding page is unique because you are unique, a real branding page makes a statement about you, Yes! I am…….RAY…….. and I am going places.

So for some fun, if I was to ask you, what you would have on you branding page or how would you set you own page up. How are you different…

Would you leave a response for me…. Because at the moment I am very discouraged with what I am seeing in the way of advertising and feel that some how things need to be revolutionized. That is a major change in our thinking is needed but also a follow up with action.

So lets see some action leave me a response tell me what would you do and how would you have your personal branding page put together.
At least we have started something, we have started thinking on the right track.

Branding yourself will bring big results and hopefully some will move from the thinking to taking action. Yes Branding yourself is a winner.

The Power Of Network Branding

In any Industry, Marketplace or even amongst friends, it’s great to find out that others are talking about you, particularly if it’s all good, but what makes others talk about us?

Make a mistake in front of one of your so called friends then wait and see……Words like a thousand fine silken strands virally reach out in the wind and echoes in the ears of all who are close. This web or net has caught all in its reach and you are the center of attention. You made the mistake, now everyone knows. It didn’t take long. Sadly, due to your error you became the center of a type of networking, people informing people, about you.

Imagine harnessing this power, to have some kind of control or rather influence with what floated out in the winds of the Internet touching the ears of others, this time to promote yourself as the right type of person to be around. One who cares and looks towards the advantages of others, first. Well you can! This is called branding, Branding yourself by sending out fine threads tying people together directing them back to you. This by its very nature is creating a net or group of people, by introducing yourself, listening, answering and assisting your contacts allowing them to get to know you on a personal level helps to establish you as an authority in your chosen field.

This is Network Branding, but I really do not know enough to be any sort of an authority, how can I ever help others??

Understanding How You Can Assist Others

The first thing I suggest is join one or two forums, if you already haven’t. Go straight to the introduction page say high to everyone. It’s fairly much like sending an Email you’re directed to an Email type page with a header and a body box. Write your… Hey this is who I am and where I’m from, I am looking forward to getting to know you…. Keep it warm and friendly, then press enter or go to a button on the page that says post, click it and their you have it. You have taken your first step to branding yourself with a group of like minded people.

Answer those who welcome you so they see you’re a friendly person. Set up your profile; be honest in telling others a little about yourself. Have a look around the site, look for others who write and post questions, if you know the answer provide a no strings attached answer, if you don’t then research the answer in Google, then go back and provide the answer leave your name and user name. Others will read your answers and start thinking you know what your talking about and you do, because if you don’t have an answer to assist you go out and research it. That’s power you possess to say yes I do have some idea on that because I researched and found the answer for myself.

There are many places to network and the principals apply to anyone you ever meet, your referred members to your business and even at places such as a Traffic Exchange. Be open, not pushy, allow people come to you…and they will.  Slowly others become to see your worth start trusting you and asking you personally for assistance. You are becoming a Powerful Network marketer because you are doing what it takes to reach out assisting others and letting them get to know you on a personal level.
                    You have Powered Yourself with Network Branding.

Branded To Drive

Traffic is the single most important ingredient, if you hope to be recognized to
do anything on the Internet. It doesn’t matter how good you are at your
desired business, without traffic (visitors to your site) nothing will happen.
It’s been said that there are 3 types of marketers in the world. There are those
who make things happen, there are those who watch things happen and all to
many, particularly in the world of Internet Marketing, Wonder What Happened.

As for the third group, this is generally the case because the face of the Internet
changes so quickly it becomes very difficult to keep up with and even more so If
you are new. Not only does one need to learn the Hows, Whats, when, where, who
and whys of the Net, they also must learn to get ahead of the changes and stay

This is hard enough even for the experienced marketer, let alone for the Newbie.
So what can be done? How can one get ahead and establish themselves as a
successful Internet Marketer?
The very first thing required to become recognized, is summed up in one word and
that is…Branding.

Branding or labeling primarily yourself, by a constant stream of advertising your
face and name everywhere as often as you can. Why? So your potential
customers see you, realize your authority and learn to trust you.

A good example can be seen in door to door sales, which more often has a very
poor success rate. However, contact a good friend who has learned to trust you,
as over a period of time you have gotten to know each other and they realize you
are an authority on the product your selling. Generally the sale is made for that
reason. That Is Branding. You are branded by your friend as a Trusted authority
because they know you over time. That is a must do If we are to be successful
on the Internet. We Must Brand Ourselves!

Why Use a Custom Splash Page?

“Why would I pay to have a unique custom designed splash page created when most websites provide free splash pages for promotion?”

I hear this question frequently, and it is a great question! I love this question because it gives me the opportunity to open someone’s eyes to the HUGE potential and necessity of custom splash pages.

Ask yourself:

  • How many times have you seen the same old standard splash pages while surfing?
  • Do these pages grab your attention, or do you even notice them at all?
  • When you see the same page for the 200th time that day, does it really inspire you to join that site or inquire about that product/service?
  • Do you know who is promoting that splash page and if their opinion is valuable?

My personal answers to the above questions are no, no, no, and NO!

We all know as surfers (myself included) it is very hard to grab our attention! We surf for maybe hours daily, and we see the same splash pages over and over and over and… well you get the idea. :) Many people don’t even see your standard splash page because they surf a few traffic exchanges at a time and are concentrating on matching correct surf images or hovering to get to the next site!

Consider the following:

  • If you use the splash pages provided by any given site, you are NOT promoting what you love best about that program! You are promoting what the owner of that website views as the best features/benefits. YOU use the program. YOU know firsthand what is great about it!
  • By not using a custom designed splash page for promotions, you are letting someone else decide how to market your campaign! You are leaving the success and or failure of your campaign in the hands of someone else.
  • If you aren’t inspired by the same old splash page you’ve seen 100 times over, most likely, other people are not going to be any more excited than you are to see it. :) A custom designed splash page is much more likely to give that “Oh wow, what is that? I need to check it out now!” response that you are seeking.

Sure, you pay $20-30 for a unique custom designed splash page. But the value of branding yourself, having a splash page in your arsenal that NO ONE else will EVER have, being able to specifically tailor how you market your website, product, and/or service to others, and having full control of your of your own marketing potential is absolutely priceless!