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Branded To Drive

Traffic is the single most important ingredient, if you hope to be recognized to
do anything on the Internet. It doesn’t matter how good you are at your
desired business, without traffic (visitors to your site) nothing will happen.
It’s been said that there are 3 types of marketers in the world. There are those
who make things happen, there are those who watch things happen and all to
many, particularly in the world of Internet Marketing, Wonder What Happened.

As for the third group, this is generally the case because the face of the Internet
changes so quickly it becomes very difficult to keep up with and even more so If
you are new. Not only does one need to learn the Hows, Whats, when, where, who
and whys of the Net, they also must learn to get ahead of the changes and stay

This is hard enough even for the experienced marketer, let alone for the Newbie.
So what can be done? How can one get ahead and establish themselves as a
successful Internet Marketer?
The very first thing required to become recognized, is summed up in one word and
that is…Branding.

Branding or labeling primarily yourself, by a constant stream of advertising your
face and name everywhere as often as you can. Why? So your potential
customers see you, realize your authority and learn to trust you.

A good example can be seen in door to door sales, which more often has a very
poor success rate. However, contact a good friend who has learned to trust you,
as over a period of time you have gotten to know each other and they realize you
are an authority on the product your selling. Generally the sale is made for that
reason. That Is Branding. You are branded by your friend as a Trusted authority
because they know you over time. That is a must do If we are to be successful
on the Internet. We Must Brand Ourselves!

How Networking can Increase Your sales

Does it ever seem like you are trying to do it all by yourself? You get great traffic from Traffic Taxis but you know there must be even more out there? Your not alone. Many have felt this way. When I want to promote the Top traffic exchanges, or even new ones like traffic taxis I use Squeeze Pages. There is another post on this site about those.

   I learned alot about squeeze pages and how to build squeeze pages and different tactics on building my traffic exchange downlines by networking. Simply put I found a place where people would talk about what was and was not working when trying to promote traffic exchanges like traffic taxis and othere great exchanges. I wanted free traffic and networking with traffic owners and surfers helped me to get the results I was looking for.

    What was really neat is that the networking helped me to find out what tools I needed, where to get them and all the advice (from 6 figure earners by the way) was free. They answered my questions and helped me out for free. The place to get all this free advice on how to network, and get free traffic from traffic exchanges like traffic taxis and others you may be promoting is Affiliate Funnel.

7 Secrets of Successful Traffic Exchange Marketers

There are so many ways to make the most out of your TE (traffic Exchange time. No doubt you are a member of several good ones like Traffic Taxis. You may be members of 20 or more and possibly spreading yourself quite thin. There are several secrets to making the most of your surfing time.

    Some great hints: you want to find the best ones and surf enough to be seen 24-7 on those exchanges. There are many great ones out there. You should look for one where you can be seen by the most people and get the best response. You don’t want to use the same old pages that everyone is using either. Find  a unique approach and it will get attention.

You can find all these secrets and more (7 Secrets) by downloading a free book. They won’t ask for your info, just download it at http://www.traffic-tutor.com/7secrets.zip

Use the tips in there to build you traffic Taxis downline and create the traffic you need to succeed.

Mike Allen