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Keep on Keepin’ on

If you get knocked down. Get up, dust yourself off and keep on keepin’ on! 

We have all had our trials and errors through life and Internet Marketing isn’t any different. Trying to find success on the internet isn’t as pretty as it may seem.  That’s why networking and helping people out is so important.  You never know who the next “star” may be.  It very well could be that man or that woman you just sent a nice email to, or that program owner that you lended your hand to. Or even better, YOU!

Help your fellow marketer. It can only help you in the long run. You never know when you may need help with a current project or when you need someone to turn to for advice.   Don’t let people get you down. There is only one person that will ultimately help you succeed, and that person is you. 

So next time someone tells you that you can’t do something. Do yourself a favor and work that much harder to prove them wrong. In the end you will be the one that reaps the benefits.

How to network using Traffic Taxis

Have you been looking for an easy way to meet to new people? In previous posts we have talked about the importance of networking. Take a few moments and look around your favorite Traffic Exchange. You will find that these you have options readily available to you.

Do you use downline builders? Why not? The resource is there. If you enjoy a particular exchange, take the few minutes and sign up for a program, it will help build integrity within the community.  Those features are there for a reason. They are there for you!

Does your favorite exchange have a downline mailer? Now this is a resource that you should certainly not be overlooking. Think about it. They promote and they are active. Can you think of someone else you want to be emailing.  Take the time to get know your downline. Like I have said before…that next future jv may just be a click away!   Network,Network,Network!

The Power Of Network Branding

In any Industry, Marketplace or even amongst friends, it’s great to find out that others are talking about you, particularly if it’s all good, but what makes others talk about us?

Make a mistake in front of one of your so called friends then wait and see……Words like a thousand fine silken strands virally reach out in the wind and echoes in the ears of all who are close. This web or net has caught all in its reach and you are the center of attention. You made the mistake, now everyone knows. It didn’t take long. Sadly, due to your error you became the center of a type of networking, people informing people, about you.

Imagine harnessing this power, to have some kind of control or rather influence with what floated out in the winds of the Internet touching the ears of others, this time to promote yourself as the right type of person to be around. One who cares and looks towards the advantages of others, first. Well you can! This is called branding, Branding yourself by sending out fine threads tying people together directing them back to you. This by its very nature is creating a net or group of people, by introducing yourself, listening, answering and assisting your contacts allowing them to get to know you on a personal level helps to establish you as an authority in your chosen field.

This is Network Branding, but I really do not know enough to be any sort of an authority, how can I ever help others??

Understanding How You Can Assist Others

The first thing I suggest is join one or two forums, if you already haven’t. Go straight to the introduction page say high to everyone. It’s fairly much like sending an Email you’re directed to an Email type page with a header and a body box. Write your… Hey this is who I am and where I’m from, I am looking forward to getting to know you…. Keep it warm and friendly, then press enter or go to a button on the page that says post, click it and their you have it. You have taken your first step to branding yourself with a group of like minded people.

Answer those who welcome you so they see you’re a friendly person. Set up your profile; be honest in telling others a little about yourself. Have a look around the site, look for others who write and post questions, if you know the answer provide a no strings attached answer, if you don’t then research the answer in Google, then go back and provide the answer leave your name and user name. Others will read your answers and start thinking you know what your talking about and you do, because if you don’t have an answer to assist you go out and research it. That’s power you possess to say yes I do have some idea on that because I researched and found the answer for myself.

There are many places to network and the principals apply to anyone you ever meet, your referred members to your business and even at places such as a Traffic Exchange. Be open, not pushy, allow people come to you…and they will.  Slowly others become to see your worth start trusting you and asking you personally for assistance. You are becoming a Powerful Network marketer because you are doing what it takes to reach out assisting others and letting them get to know you on a personal level.
                    You have Powered Yourself with Network Branding.

How Networking can Increase Your sales

Does it ever seem like you are trying to do it all by yourself? You get great traffic from Traffic Taxis but you know there must be even more out there? Your not alone. Many have felt this way. When I want to promote the Top traffic exchanges, or even new ones like traffic taxis I use Squeeze Pages. There is another post on this site about those.

   I learned alot about squeeze pages and how to build squeeze pages and different tactics on building my traffic exchange downlines by networking. Simply put I found a place where people would talk about what was and was not working when trying to promote traffic exchanges like traffic taxis and othere great exchanges. I wanted free traffic and networking with traffic owners and surfers helped me to get the results I was looking for.

    What was really neat is that the networking helped me to find out what tools I needed, where to get them and all the advice (from 6 figure earners by the way) was free. They answered my questions and helped me out for free. The place to get all this free advice on how to network, and get free traffic from traffic exchanges like traffic taxis and others you may be promoting is Affiliate Funnel.

Why networking is so great!

Are you using your time wisely? Are you getting to know the people you work next to?
Whether your just a surfer or just using the TE industry to buy credits. One thing is king. NETWORK.
Take the time to send your downline an email. Take a minute to introduce yourself to your favorite TE owner. Building these relationships is a very important task if you want to newtork. I try to put myself in positions with all different types of people. Mainly because I enjoy getting to meet new people, but I also love to network and build relationships. I owe a lot of my success to my ability to get myself out in front of people and put myself into positions to where I can get the advice I need. It has greatly helped me and it can absolutely do the same for you.
So next time someone takes a moment to stop and say hi or sends you some credits for signing up underneath them, send a reply back…..you never know who is on the other end and what they may be able to do to help you succeed.

David Foley